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Jan 27, 2013 2:30am EST
. and i must say post-election, president obama has become more aggre aggressive. military spending, they don't agree with what taxation should be, title, on and on and on. gun control, they don't agree. and on the other hand, you know, we have this sort of slow economy that makes it more difficult to cut a deal. and i should add to that, a constitutional crisis in a way because this whole debt ceiling has been a weapon that the house of representatives have used to gain power. it's not just the republicans versus the democrats. it's the house versus the president. i don't know how it the play out. >> meanwhile, the marketses are on fire. the s&p 500 hitting a new five-year high along with the dow jones industrial average. what is driving the stocks and do you think it's sustainable for the year? >> the part of it that i understand is that some of the risk has been pulled out of the market. so most recently that the u.s. has got three months before the next thing happening. some of the risks. and maybe just the election was determined and people aren't necessarily happy, some are, s
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
with the spending cuts. both sides say they're hoping for continued cooperation. they are expected to pass legislation to the house and president obama said he will sign it. they were encouraged -- investors were encouraged -- the dow closed at its highest level since october 2007, months before the start of the great recession. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 some modest gains. >> the security deal -- they are accused of using their detail for personal and political gain. mark walker testified that he was required to help with the county executive's reelection campaign. walker also claimed he kept watch as he engaged in sexual encounters with his mistress. he denies any wrongdoing -- testimony resumes tomorrow. >> jury selection took up again in the murder case. new questions about a person in that case -- the lead police detective. jim miller has the story. miller has the story. >> we took this video of a baltimore police detective at his home address. he is the subject of a lot of attention. he is believed to be involved in the murder case against michael johnson. he is accused of killing a
Jan 27, 2013 10:00am EST
doesn't want that. you had $1 trillion in tax increases with obama care. new tax increases at the beginning of this month. and now they are calling for even more tax increases, and they are not calling to cut spending. they are calling for spending increases. so basically what they're saying is, they want americans to pay more so washington can spend more. that's not going to help the economy, and that is not going to close the gap and balance the budget. the reason we want to balance the budget is not to make the numbers add up. we think that's necessary for growth and opportunity. we think it's necessary to make sure that our kids don't get this debt that they won't be able to handle if we keep going down the path we are on. >> but there are certainly those in the white house who would take issue with what you said or might even say to use your own criticism that's a straw man argume argument. they were prepared to cut additional spending to be part of a bigger agreement that republicans weren't able to agree to. there is more room for spending cuts. it's a matter of how
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
that this will be the year for change. >> so why now? 7% of latinos voted for president obama in november. you are seeing some republicans considering backing immigration reform could help them politically with the group. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> the super bowl means super spending when it comes to parties. americans will spend nearly $12.3 billion on the super bowl. that is an average of about $68 per person. more than 7.5 million households are expected to buy a new tv before the big game. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what is the one thing you have to have at your super bowl party? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to some of the biggest auto insurers are looking to set rates. jane king has the bloomberg business report. what is going on here? a receptionist could pay more than an executive with a master's degree. >> very interesting stuff. the largest u.s. auto insurers. they weighed occupation levels more than driving records. it would cost the receptionist $3,300 to ensure her car compared
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)